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Players Do Not Understand Blizzard’s Decision – “A Carrot No One Can Reach”

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There is one clear point of criticism in Diablo 4 that many can agree on: Blizzard has simply overdone it with the rarest items. They are so rare that searching for them is not motivating. Players are thinking about how to improve the situation.

What decision is at stake:

  • In Diablo 4 there are so-called “Uber Uniques”: they are 7 unique items. These items are available from monsters higher than level 85, from World Tier 4.
  • The drop rate of the items is described as “almost impossible”. Chances circulate in the direction of 1:800,000. Most players definitely never get to see them.
  • Furthermore, the items have no fixed values, so they can be weaker or stronger, and they are not tradable.

You just don’t understand why Blizzard decided to make these items drop so infrequently that they are out of reach for all players.

What sense does Loot make that no one can get?

What is the problem with the items? On reddit players are discussing these Uber Uniques. It is understood what function the items are supposed to fulfill in Diablo 4: They serve as a mythical “end goal” in Diablo 4, a carrot that players chase to keep them in line.

Just like holding a carrot in front of a donkey’s muzzle to make it keep running even though it can’t reach it, Blizzard dangles these items in front of players to get them to pick themselves up and slaughter the next thousand demons away.

However, one believes that this carrot is actually unobtainable. Loot that no one can ever obtain is ridiculous in a loot game, one user grumbles. Another player says he would pay a lot of money to learn how the Blizzard meeting went when they decided on the drop chances of the items in Diablo 4.

One wonders how the meeting about the drop chances at Blizzard went. One speculates that there was some discussion, “We don’t have an endgame in Diablo 4, so make the odds of getting the items 4 times worse. That’s our endgame!”

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Another explains: In previous Diablo games, the rarest items were too easy to get and everyone ran around with a “best in slot”, but in Diablo 4 Blizzard has totally overdone it. He’s never met anyone now who says they’ll farm, say, a Shako, because the odds are just too low and purely random to make it a goal.

That’s in addition: People also criticize that even if you’re lucky enough to find an Uber Unique, you can then still be unlucky enough to find one with badly rolled stats.

On the other hand, such a unique is only active for this season, so you only have a short pleasure. After all, no one plays in Eternal Mode.

What would be a way to solve the problem? A player suggests to make the items at least tradable. Then you would have an achievable goal: You could collect and trade strong items until you can earn enough gold, to buy an Uber Unqiue. There you would have a goal in mind, an achievable carrot.

Others consider: Such an item would be so valuable that it would probably only be sold for many US dollars in real money.

The best option would probably be to increase the drop probability to the point where the carrot is far away, but at least seems reachable somehow.

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