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PlayStation Commits to Reducing Carbon Footprint with Its Next-generation Systems

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When the game is paused, the PS5 will consume much less power than the PS4.

On the PlayStation Blog, SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan said he intends to work with other leaders in the gaming industry to reduce emissions as part of the United Nations climate summit. Sony will be part of a new “Fight for the Planet” alliance, which will mean reducing emissions from the next-generation PlayStation.

As Ryan said, Sony has made a “substantial commitment and effort” to reduce emissions on the PS4, but they’re going a step further with the next system, allowing users to pause gameplay and keep games running. in the background at a much lower power cost than the PS4. “If just 1 million users enabled this feature, the energy savings would be equivalent to the average electricity consumption of 1,000 American homes,” the post reads.

Ryan also said that they will make sure users are better informed about “setting up and using the low-power console” and that they are working on a PS VR app that will eventually help educate people better.

Gaming is known for its huge carbon footprint. Let us hope that the industry can and will commit to implementing similar changes.

For more information, see the Fight for the Planet report: “How video games benefit people and the environment.”

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