Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Poltchageist Location

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Finding the location of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Poltchageist is a little more complicated than it seems. Poltchageist is another Ghost and Grass type – Sinistea but in matcha form, basically – and like other Ghost types, it only comes out at night. The thing is, you can’t actually explore Kitakami, Poltchageist’s home, at night until much later in the DLC’s story. However, you can take advantage of some tricks to get your Poltchageist sooner.

Pokemon Poltchageist Scarlet and Violet

  • Poltchageist Location
  • How to get Poltchageist
  • Poltchageist Weakness
  • Is Poltchageist good?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Poltchageist Location

The Poltchageists only live in Kitakami, the region you visit during the Teal Mask DLC, so you have to own the DLC to find them or even receive one in a trade from a friend. They appear in areas with bamboo like the one shown above, and there are only two or so on the island.

  • Mossfell Junction (the northern part, not the area where you can buy a syrupy apple)
  • Path of the Revealer (east of Mossui City)

You also have a chance of encountering Poltchageist in Tera raids, although we haven’t encountered any yet.

Like the Sinistea, the Poltchageist come in two forms, Counterfeit and Artisan, and the only difference between them is a small mark on the bottom. There is no stat or IV difference between the two forms.

You can more or less make out the mark if you bring the camera closer to the ground when starting a fight against a wild Poltchageist, but it is still almost imperceptible. The easiest way to tell it apart is when you’re trying to evolve Poltchageist, which we go into in depth in our Poltchageist evolution guide.

How to get Poltchageist ?

Normally, you would have to wait until nighttime to find wild Poltchageist, although you can’t explore Kitakami at night until well into the DLC story. If you don’t want to wait that long, head to this area at the Mossfell Confluence.

There you will find a fixed Tera Poltchageist spawn at any time of the day or night.

The other way to find Poltchageist early is more random: mass outbreaks. There is a chance every 24 hours that Poltchageist will appear in one of Kitakami’s massive outbreaks, and in my experience they tend to occur in the same places the Pokémon is normally found: bamboo groves.

I was exceptionally lucky and found an outbreak on my first day of Poltchageist hunting, but if your outbreaks don’t include the spooky green liquid, you can set the Switch’s clock forward to the next day to force another massive outbreak to spawn.

Poltchageist Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Weakness

Before you head into battle, make sure you have at least one Pokémon that won’t be destroyed in battle. Poltchageist is a Ghost and Grass type, and depending on the level you encounter him at, he may know:

  • Dirty game
  • Mega Drain
  • Hex
  • Dew of life
  • Shadow Ball
  • Memento

Mega Drain is the big threat below level 30, so avoid bringing Water types into this battle. Anyway, his best bet isn’t any kind of advantage, since Poltchageist has pretty weak defenses. A Fairy-type is a generally solid choice, one that won’t knock out Poltchageist and isn’t weak to any of its moves.

Is Poltchageist good?

Poltchageist itself is like any other pre-evolved Pokémon. It’s decent, but you won’t really get much use out of it until you evolve it into Sinistcha. Sinistcha’s big draw is an excellent special attack stat with a respectable defense stat as well. It also boasts slightly higher Speed, Attack, and HP stats than Polteageist, so if you’re looking for a good Ghost-type, consider adding Sinistcha to your team.

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