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Pokemon Unite| How to Quit and End a Match Early

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Pokemon Unite is fun and accessible, but it’s also a competitive MOBA – and that means it’s easy to get into a corner you can’t get out of. In this case it is best to to give up the game – and giving your opponent the win he’s going to get anyway.

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In fact, this is just polite. It’s wasting your time and that of your teammates and opponents to continue fighting a losing battle – so if things have really gone south, abandoning the game may be your best bet.

On this page we explain in detail how to surrender in Pokemon Unite – so that when the time comes and you get a beating, you know how to put an end to the misery…

How to Surrender in Pokemon Unite

Surrendering should be an important part of your Pokemon Unite game – as grim as that may sound.

To surrender in the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Unite, all you have to do is Press the Plus/+ button to enter the points menu and then press Minus/- to access the settings. Finally, you can press X on the Settings screen to give up – and then confirm.

Sometimes a game just doesn’t go your way and as a team based game, sometimes it’s not your fault anyway. If you’re massively underperforming a match and the enemy only seems to be getting stronger, it might be best to quit and start a new game.

There is no penalty for ending a game early as long as you do it correctly. Don’t just give up – give up the game properly. Completing the game this way will not reduce the Fair Play Karma score, which will affect your ability to compete in Ranked Matches – so you can do so without worry.

Once you do this, your team will vote on whether to surrender as well. If they agree, you lose the game and count it as a loss, allowing you to move on to the next game.

You can only initiate a surrender vote when five minutes have passed in a match, and you must be in your own base – you can simply get yourself killed to return there if necessary.

If your team doesn’t agree the first time, you can start a surrender vote twice more during a game, for a total of three times – so don’t spam it too much.

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