PS Plus games for Oct. 2023: The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22, Weird West

PS Plus Games for October 2023: The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22, Weird West

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Heads up PlayStation Plus subscribers (of any tier), the next set of free games to download are coming soon for October 2023.

The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22, Weird West, all for PS5 and PS4, will be added to the PlayStation Plus library in the near future. The new PS Plus monthly titles usually become available on the first Tuesday of every month, which is October 3rd in this case. The new game catalog releases for the higher tier plans will also be announced soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Check out the details below and at the PS Blog, and make sure to download the titles for July 2023 before they disappear.

The Callisto Protocol | PS5, PS4
In this narrative-driven, third-person survival horror game set 300 years in the future, you play as Jacob Lee – a victim of circumstance thrown into Black Iron Prison, a maximum-security penitentiary on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. When the inmates start turning into monstrous creatures, chaos ensues in the prison. To survive, Jacob must fight his way to safety and escape Black Iron Prison while uncovering the dark secrets hidden beneath the surface of Callisto. Using a unique mix of shooting and close-quarters combat, Jacob needs to adapt his strategies to battle the evolving creatures and scavenge for new weapons, equipment, and abilities to outrun the growing threat and escape the horrors of Jupiter’s Dead Moon.

Farming Simulator 22 | PS5, PS4
Take on the role of a modern farmer and build your farm creatively in three diverse American and European environments. Farming Simulator 22 offers a wide range of farming activities, including agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry – now with the exciting addition of seasonal cycles!

With over 400 machines and tools from more than 100 real agricultural brands such as John Deere, CLAAS, Case IH, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and many more, you can sow and harvest crops like wheat, corn, potatoes, and cotton. New machine categories and crops introduce new gameplay mechanics. You can also run your farm cooperatively in multiplayer mode and expand the game with free community-created modifications. Farming Simulator 22 offers more player freedom than ever before and challenges you to become a successful farmer – so start farming and let the good times grow!

Weird West | PS5, PS4
Explore a dark fantasy version of the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers coexist with fantastical creatures, each with their own rules and motives, in this isometric action RPG. The game supports different play styles in a simulated sandbox world where characters, factions, and even locations react to the player’s decisions, and players face brutal choices and irreversible consequences, including death. Discover the world through the origin stories of different characters, progressing from one character’s journey to the next until they all converge in a final chapter.