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Ps5 Bundle with Ea Sports Fc 24 for Sale Price

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Whoever has been playing with the idea of getting Sony’s next-gen console into the house, is now in luck: At Amazon there is a tempting offer, with which you can get the PlayStation 5 in a bundle with the brand new EA Sports FC 24 for a low price.

For a long time it was difficult to get hold of a PS5 at all, but Sony announced the end of the console shortage months ago and since then the electronics markets and mail-order companies regularly provide us with deals that are worth seeing.

Amazon: With the PS5 bundle you get EA Sports FC & console whole 120 euros gnsitger

The PlayStation 5 already caused a sensation when it was introduced about three years ago: To this day, it is considered a powerful gaming console that scores with decent power and a variety of features that take your gaming experience to the next level. Some time ago Sony raised the PS5 prices once again, so the offer from Amazon should come as a call. With the deal from the mail-order giant, you save a whole 120 euros compared to the original price of around 620 euros for the console and the brand-new part of the probably most popular soccer simulation ever: EA Sports FC 24.

Thanks to the fast SSD, you don’t have to worry about annoying loading times on the PlayStation 5, and your game library always has enough space. Should you ever run out of that, you can expand the console with another NVMe SSD – an accessory that we can particularly recommend for the PS5 anyway.

Other features include haptic feedback, which, especially in games like EA Sports FC 24, ensures that you feel every moment of the game, whether it’s a daring tackle, a shot or even when the ball finds its target in the form of the goal net. In addition, there is the modern 3D audio technology, which brings coherent stadium atmosphere live to your living room. Supported by EA’s HyperMotion technology, this ensures unlimited realism.

In addition to the full version of EA Sports FC 24, the PlayStation 5 bundle also includes Astro’s Playroom as a pre-installed entry-level title, as well as some vouchers for Ultimate Team mode digital content, such as a rare Gold Player Pack. And if you sign up for a membership to Sony’s in-house subscription service, you’ll enjoy the three new “free” games for PS Plus as early as October, which of course we don’t want to deprive you of.