Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 characters shooting in the snow

Quickest Technique to Stage up Weapons in MW3

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Trendy Warfare 3’s listing of weapons is huge, and to get by all of them, you will have to make use of the quickest methods to rank up weapons in MW3 so you possibly can knock all of them out.

MW3 added 36 weapons to Trendy Warfare 2’s already-giant arsenal, so gamers are on the lookout for the quickest methods to rank them as much as attain max degree and purchase all of the attachments and camos. We’re right here to assist with some quick weapon XP farming strategies.

Listed below are the quickest methods to rank up weapons in MW3.

Quickest option to degree up weapons in MW3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 characters shooting in the snow
Rank ’em up rapidly. Picture by way of Activision

The quickest methods to degree up weapons in MW3 are to use double weapon XP tokens, use weapons you need to degree in Zombies mode, use Decoy Grenades in multiplayer, and play Invasion mode.

Right here’s all you have to find out about these MW3 weapon XP strategies.

MW3 double XP tokens

A screenshot of MW3 Double XP tokens in the in-game menu.
Hopefully, you’ve saved some up like me. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Make sure that to use double weapon XP tokens whereas taking part in something in MW3 if you wish to rank up weapons rapidly.

To make use of XP tokens in MW3, click on the left stick (L3) whereas on the important multiplayer menu to deliver up your XP token stock. Right here, you can find any XP, weapon XP, and battle cross XP tokens you might have collected.

XP tokens have carried over from MW2, so in case you performed 2022’s CoD, you probably have XP tokens ready so that you can use. Don’t be shy, use them up and rank up your weapons rapidly.

All of those weapon XP strategies in MW3 are helped out vastly through the use of weapon XP tokens. To get weapon XP tokens, rank up battle passes, get them from particular promotions like at Little Caesars or Burger King, and get them as viewership drops for watching MW3 on Twitch or YouTube.

Decoy grenade XP in MW3

A screenshot of the Decoy Distract XP farm in MW3 multiplayer.
Free XP. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Decoy grenades are an exquisite hack for incomes XP in any mode. Once you throw a Decoy Grenade and an enemy is killed, you’ll obtain weapon XP for it.

To get free weapon XP through the use of Decoy Grenades, equip the Decoy Grenade in your Tactical slot and both the Engineer Vest or the Demolition Vest. Engineer Vest provides you with two tacticals, and the Demolition Vest will resupply your tactical each 30 seconds.

Go into fast-paced respawn modes like Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint, and throw your decoys close to targets the place enemies will probably be. Each time an enemy is killed, you need to see “Decoy Distract” pop up on-screen together with a variety of XP.

Zombies mode XP farm in MW3

mimic enemy in cod mw3 zombies
This man offers loads of XP. Picture by way of Activision

MW3 Zombies is an effective way to farm XP for weapons. Equip or discover the gun you need to rank up whereas in MWZ and use it to mow down hordes of the undead for simple XP with out having to essentially fear about sweating too onerous, like in opposition to enemies in multiplayer.

The one draw back right here is that you have to get fortunate to search out the gun you need to rank up or use it in your loadout as an Insured weapon in your Gear tab.

Invasion mode in MW3

Similar to in MW2, Invasion mode is nice for farming XP. In Invasion mode, there are AI enemies in addition to gamers, and killing both of them will reward XP for the weapon you’re utilizing. It’s mainly Floor Battle however with AI enemies working round for extra XP.

You’ll be able to farm AI enemies fairly simply, and though they don’t give as a lot XP as killing an enemy participant, they’re value killing and the mode is much less sweaty than regular multiplayer modes. I prefer to calm down by turning on some music, mowing down enemies, and rating up weapons.