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Release, Beta And Changes To The Successor Of CS:GO

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CS:GO becomes Counter-Strike 2, so we list all the important information about the release, the start of the limited tests and all the changes.

Valve has officially announced Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), an update for the popular tactical shooter CS:GO. Here we summarize all the information you need to know about the CS:GO successor.

Update: September 26, 2023: This article originally appeared in March 2023, but we’ve revised it on September 26 to include new information and a release date speculated by The Community.Update: September 27, 2023: Counter-Strike 2 is now available. More information on the release, including a launch trailer and download size, can be found here: Counter-Strike 2 is now available – All about the release in 2 minutes


CS2 Release – When is the update coming?

When is the release of CS2? Counter-Strike 2 should already appear in the summer of 2023. An exact release date is currently not yet known, but the community currently speculates that Counter-Strike 2 will be released on September 27, 2023.

The basis for the speculation is a tweet from the official CS2 Twitter account asking on September 20, 2023, “What are you doing next Wednesday?”

You can see the corresponding tweet here:

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CS2 Beta starts as a limited test – How to participate

When does the limited test start? The “beta” of CS2, actually a limited test of the update, is already running. The test phase started shortly after the CS2 announcement on March 22, 2023.

How do I participate in the limited test of CS2? The players participating in the test are selected by the development team for the test based on various factors. The factors include, for example, a trust factor and the game time on official servers from Valve.

If you are selected to participate in the CS2 trials, you will receive a message in the CS:GO menu. In the message is an invitation that you can use to start the download.

  • More information is available in an FAQ on Steam.

CS2 – These changes will receive the CS:GO successor

What improves Counter-Strike 2? Counter-Strike will improve some aspects of the game. On the website Valve mentions the following content, among others:

  • Smoke grenades (gameplay, dispersion, reactions to light)
  • Revision of the maps (cleaner, brighter)
  • High-resolution effects: The game graphics, visual effects and interface have been redesigned
  • The sound effects have been revised and retuned
  • New Ranked mode: In CS2, the Ranked mode has been revised and renamed “Premier”.
  • Removal of the purchase wheel: The purchase wheel, as it was known from CS:GO, is replaced by a revised purchase menu.

The biggest change in Counter-Strike 2, however, is the switch to Valve’s newer “Source 2” engine, which also runs Dota 2.

Here you can find a detailed overview with the most important changes of CS2

CS2 Trailer

There is currently no official trailer for Counter-Strike 2. However, Valve has published a few videos that present a selection of the upcoming changes.

One of the most impressive changes are the smoke grenades. You can see what they look like in Counter-Strike 2

CS2 Skins – What will happen to your CS:GO skins when CS2 is released this summer?

Taking all skins: Valve has confirmed that you will take all CS:GO items with you to Counter-Strike 2. You will not lose your skins, knives or stickers.

In addition, the weapons will receive new high-resolution models with CS2, which will also benefit some weapon paint jobs. The new, revised exposure system also lets your skins shine in new splendor. So collectors can be happy.

Meanwhile, CS legend shroud has also shared some initial thoughts on Counter-Strike 2:

Shooter god shroud talks about his first impressions of Counter-Strike 2 on Twitch, jokes: “Bye bye FPS”.