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Review of “ff Origin”. a Dynamic and Exciting Story of Chaos Where Everything is Resolved with All the Action.

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FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN PARADISE](FF Origin) is an action RPG that recreates a part of “Final Fantasy” (hereafter, “FF”) as a heresy. Developed by Square Enix and Koei Tecmo Games. If you explain that Koei Tecmo Games is involved with Team Ninja, which worked on “Nio” and “Dissidia Final Fantasy” (2015), you can imagine the genre. Tetsuya Nomura is listed as executive producer. It is made as an action RPG, and the main character, Jack, dives into the dungeon with the goal of subjugating chaos with his friends.

After playing this game for a few hours, I got the impression that it was a fun action game. The thrilling, exciting, and fun action never ends no matter what weapon you choose. Small fish battles that overwhelm the enemy are fun, while boss battles that require calmness give you a sense of personal growth and accomplishment. This impression never changes until I finish the game, and even after completing it, I still want to know more about the jobs and actions of this job.

First of all, I would like to tell you that this work is nothing like a “dead game”. Certainly, there are things reminiscent of the Soul series, such as a system that replenishes a limited amount of recovery items with a cube (the so-called bonfire) and grows a character. However, in reality, the enemy’s killing intent is not so high if the difficulty level is “ACTION”, which is normal. I basically played with this “ACTION”. In media interviews, the development team often referred to this work as a “very difficult action game”. However, instead of repeating death over and over again, the difficulty level remains at the level where it is easy to die until you understand the enemy. Although you may die many times in boss battles, if you are used to the action, you will be able to enjoy it as a hard “high difficulty action”.

The more actions you can hit the enemy, the better.

The small enemy fish in this job are quite shaky. The basic framework is to block the enemy’s movement by maintaining an offensive stance and use the accumulated MP from normal attacks to unleash abilities and finish them off. Conversely, if you show a defensive stance, your HP will be reduced by continuous enemy attacks and powerful attacks that cannot be protected. It is a type of action where you think about how to launch an attack, or how to actively attack and create a breach for the enemy.

So, the range of attacks of the player character (Jack) will occupy much of the enjoyment of this work. Mindful of this, the number and variations of attacks given to Jack were quite large. And one of the great attractions of this play is that most of them are finished in something you might find amusing.

This job is like “FF”, there are jobs. Standard jobs such as “swordsman” and “fighter”, high-level jobs “samurai” and “thief”, and high-level jobs “ninja” and “knight”. By allocating the job points earned when leveling up in the skill tree, special actions and effects can be unlocked. In addition, there are many types of weapons, such as great swords, axes, magic staffs and combat gloves, and by combining many types of weapons and many jobs, players can explore various ways to play.

For example, if you are a samurai, you can cut the enemy at once with an iai cut, and if you are a thief, you can steal the enemy’s attack and attack. Each is expressed with exciting effects, and you can try various weapons and have fun as you progress through the story.

Also, it takes time to unlock the skills of each job as you advance to higher jobs, but it doesn’t take long for standard jobs and is designed so that you can quickly reach the upper limit of the job level. Also, play around with the “Killer” job. For example, you need to unlock “Thief” and “Monk” to unlock higher level jobs. I often limit myself to the same types of weapons and jobs in these types of games, but by the time I finished this job, most of the main jobs had reached a high level.

Naturally, the more means you have to play with the enemy, the better. You don’t get tired of the action by sticking to one action, and you can feel that the game is action-packed until the end of the story.

The level design is also designed so that if you’re looking for blood where there are enemies, you’ll reach the goal naturally. Just like the Soul series, there are doors that don’t open from here, places where you must break traps to create a path, shortcuts, etc., but you won’t get lost. The place where the enemy is is a signpost, and the correct route is to follow the new enemy, and if there is an abnormally strong enemy, you can guess that there is a treasure chest.

Boss battles where players grow in battle.

Boss battles, on the other hand, are different. Of course, bosses don’t flinch easily and many of their attacks are instant death, so you should always keep an eye on your physical strength gauge. The main focus of the battle shifts from how to hit the attack to how to avoid the attack.

The method of this action is similar to the hunting action like “Monster Hunter”. First of all, it is important to identify the enemy’s movements and avoid fierce attacks, increase the time you can survive and not be defeated quickly. Since the amount of potions that restore your character is limited in the first place, the tension continues. In this way, you can understand the movement of the boss little by little, and the flow of waiting for an opportunity to attack allows you to noticeably feel the player’s skill growing in battle. In other words, it is a “memorization game”, but by reducing the physical strength of the boss and changing the form, the tension is increased and the monotony is reduced.

In addition, this job can form a group of three people, including Jack. By giving instructions called “resonance” to your friends, your friends will sharpen your enemies with powerful abilities and eliminate hatred. It is quite effective as a source of damage and to rebuild yourself. On the other hand, this is a hunting action, but there are also accidents involved in attacks on allies. I was one of the bosses and intentionally excluded party members.

In addition, it is also wonderful that there are a variety of ways to deal with enemy attacks. In addition to stepping, rolling, and weapon-based guards, there is also a guard method called Soul Guard that absorbs enemy attacks. This consumes the break gauge (a gauge that temporarily decreases when depleted) while guarding, but if you manage to guard, the maximum MP value will increase and some attacks will be absorbed as an instant ability that can be used.

Especially in boss battles, it works well to look for opportunities to counterattack the enemy while paying attention to the break indicator. Other actions besides attacks are also fun, such as looking for good positioning with steps and using weapon guards and soul guards depending on the attack and situation.

Enemy attacks are fairly well represented. Powerful enemy attacks are not only shown as words like “fire” overhead, but are also color-coded so that those that can’t be shielded are red and those that Soul Guard can absorb are purple. Easy to understand visually.

Emotion linked to the character.

And I would like to refer to the “ruthlessness and excitement”, which is an important point in this work. Attack the enemy, and if the Break Gauge is worn out, the enemy will fall and you can launch an ultimate attack called Soul Burst. The sight of the enemy turning into reddish-black crystals and exploding and scattering with Soul Burst is quite exciting due to the rich production. The perks are well prepared, such as defeating enemies that are down at the same time with a single Soul Burst and reducing the break indicator of nearby enemies. The appearance of Soul Burst is already like a kind of “Musou” series.

Also, when the enemy is down, whether they’re raising their weapons or in the middle of an ability, it’s nice that you can press the Soul Burst button to activate it. Soul Burst itself doesn’t stand alone, and feels like a continuation of Jack’s actions.

The depiction of defeating the enemy and the glowing blood on the sword and armor (which can be disabled in the settings) goes well with the character of the action. Like Jack, who responded that he wanted to defeat chaos as “something like hunger and thirst”, the dynamic action that seeks blood and violence while driving his craving, reflects the story and characters of the experience and makes you empathize. in accelerate

There are monsters similar to intermediate bosses that are less likely to flinch during quests. There are small fish battles that emphasize an aggressive stance, intermediate boss battles that emphasize fighting that requires calm, and even one dungeon has slow and fast action, so you won’t get bored. By coloring them with dynamic, exciting and many actions, it is a fun action game with a good pace.

The performance of defeating the boss is also exciting.

The introduction of hack and slash is also one of the features of this work. However, you don’t have to worry about it until you clear the story. If you select the “Best” familiar, you can choose a powerful equipment from your possession and can defeat the enemy by simply advancing in the story. In this job, the level of the equipment is the strength of the character, and the level of the job itself has little to do with it.

The appearance of the gear is also reflected in real time, so if you were excited about a cool coat and hat, you may have mixed feelings when you get a strong gear that doesn’t look like it or wear a darkness that tickles your fancy. second heart You can get a dagger and twist it uselessly for visual enjoyment.

The presentations are also prepared for each dungeon, and by obtaining items, you can further strengthen the effects of jobs and weapons, and after completing them, you can challenge even higher difficulty levels. Unfortunately, however, once you complete the story and finish the introductions and additional quests, it is undeniable that the game will become routine, such as leveling and digging equipment. Since this is a great offer, I would like to hope that additional scheduled missions will be distributed for a fee, even in the sense of making use of this action and hacking and sacrificing items.

be ff

This work is the first “FF” It is a “heresy” of the, and its elements can be seen everywhere. The beginning of Jack’s adventure also includes a tribute to a symbolic scene that makes us feel excited about the adventure that awaits us.

Also, the stage of each mission is based on previous FF works (related article). Still, they make no big claims, and while they create an homage to where the player walks, it keeps up with the fan service that “if you know, you can smile”. The sound fits well without detracting from the worldview of the entire play, despite including familiar phrases.

The story is well drawn and there is a climax in the furious foreshadowing that takes place in the second half, and the author, who is a FF1 player, accepted the content as heresy. While the theme is light and dark, universal existence, it is easy to become attached to Jack and his friends, how to modernize Jack’s costumes and belongings without turning it into one big pervasive fantasy.

Also, Jack reacts strongly to the word “chaos” and shouts “Are you chaos?”. In addition, this work features a mission system and, as a general rule, the cutscenes consist only of the beginning of the mission and before and after the boss battle, so there is no disturbance of time to enjoy the action. This sense of tempo is also one of the factors that makes this work fun to play all the way through.

However, the graphics are difficult. I played this work on PS5, but when I look closely at the playable scenes, I get the impression that everything is uneven. I don’t know if the foggy expression is intentional, but there are many places where visibility is poor in dark fields. It’s a pity that it’s a big drawback because the action is very complete.

all for action

As I’ve said so far, this work is done with attention to the action anyway. I was also surprised that the PS5’s DualSense adaptive triggering effects are off by default. Certainly, when turned on, I felt it would get in the way of the action in this job, which requires quick and instantaneous decisions.

In this work, in the gameplay cycle of accepting quests and exploring dungeons, there are almost diversionary elements such as walking around town (there is a simple conversation function) and freely walking around the world. It’s a challenging style that, if you make a mistake, can be perceived as a strange and bland game.

However, no matter how far this work goes, the “action” is just plain fun. Jack’s personality, the red and black crystals, the simple level design, and the crisp scenes work well as the basis for the action.

The overall look of the game’s design, which incorporates the various pleasures of 3D action and firmly conveys the worldview and well-paced story, rescued this work from its strangeness and established it as an action RPG with consistency. If you want to pick up a familiar sword and have fun beating up enemies, this is the game for you. Suffice it to say, I love this piece.