Riot Hands Down EMENES Ruling After C9 LoL Star’s Xenophobic Remarks

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Cloud9 mid laner Jang “EMENES” Min-soo has been reprimanded by Riot Games today over xenophobic and derogatory remarks made during a League of Legends ranked match in mid-September.

Notably, he’s avoided suspension ahead of next week’s World Championships.

Riot handed down the punishment on Oct. 3, fining the Korean star $15,000 USD. The League publishers also ruled EMENES must also undergo an “educational training course on professionalism” prior to the start of the 2024 LCS season.

Riot determined EMENES had breached Section 14.3.3 on behavior and conduct after an investigation found his comments levied at European League streamer Spear_shot were “offensive and derogatory,” especially given the streamer in question was deemed to have not provoked EMENES whatsoever during the match.

Riot, in its investigation, also found numerous reports on EMENES’ account related to “behavioral misconduct” that do not meet the standards of pro play, as well as reviews of the C9 mid laner’s posts on social media.

EMENES submitted a statement during disciplinary proceedings, with Riot taking that—plus his public apology—into account when determining the best course of action.

While this is his first official offense according to Riot, the Korean star has a troubled history related to conduct dating back multiple seasons and across numerous regions, and as such has been warned any further violations “may result in escalated penalties.”

EMENES became frustrated during a Sept. 15 League ranked match, calling Spear_shot a “disgusting EU streamer” and telling him to “go back to your country.” EMENES later apologized to his fans for his conduct on Twitter but doubled down on his frustrations against Spear_shot and streamers who, EMENES believed, ruined the game for others by picking a different champion.

Historically, numerous players have received suspensions for racist remarks. Notably, Svenskeren copped a three-match ban ahead of Worlds 2014 for using a derogatory name as his Summoner name in the lead-up, while OnFleek was also banned for three matches in 2020 for a xenophobic statement during a solo queue match.

EMENES and C9 have been in South Korea for a month as Worlds approaches. Play-Ins begin on Oct. 10, with C9 taking to the Rift for the Swiss stage on Oct. 19.