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Season 6 Starts the Day After Tomorrow All Info in 1 Minute

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone start with its upcoming update in Season 6. Here you get all the info about the update and the content in a quick overview.

Season 6 is just around the corner and with it new skins, weapons, modes and maps that you can put through their paces. We’ll show you when and what you can expect from Season 6 in our overview and update this post as soon as new information becomes known.

CoD MW2 & Warzone: Season 6 – Release, Update, Content

When starts Season 6? On September 27, 2023. Time is still unknown and will be updated at time.

How big will the update be? Is still unknown.

What’s in the update? Activision has planned a lot of content and items that you can expect with Season 6. The following is known:

  • CoD MW2
    • 4 maps at launch
    • 2 more maps as reskins (Mid-Season)
    • Classic modes get a creepy touch (Mid-Season)
    • Soul Event (Mid-Season)
    • Log-In Items (Mid-Season)
    • New Cosmetic Items for Ranked-Play
    • 3 New Weapons to Launch
    • 1 New Weapon (Mid-Season)
    • New Prestige
  • Warzone
    • Zombie Royale is back for 2 maps
    • Operation Nightmare
    • Vondead, instead of Vondel
    • Map changes to fit Halloween


  • More content
    • Fresh Battle Pass
    • Halloween event
    • New spooky skins in the shop


Season 6 is all about creepy characters that you might remember from your childhood days. Skeletor or Ash Williams are immortalized as skins and even Lilith and Inarius from Diablo 4 have managed to fight Snoop Dogg with guns.

What these skins look like and where you can get them from, you can find out here in our article: You will soon be able to play the 2 most important characters from Diablo 4 yourself … in Call of Duty