Shadows Of Doubt's first major content update adds cheats, liars and a fancy hotel

Shadows Of Doubt’s First Major Content Update Adds Cheats, Liars and a Fancy Hotel

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Shadows Of Doubt is a detective simulation game set in an open, rain-slick noir city. As the game progresses through Early Access, it has received its first major content update – The Cheats And Liars Update. This update introduces new “infidelity cases” and simpler lost-and-found side jobs for players to investigate.

The infidelity cases task players with catching cheating partners, while the lost-and-found cases involve returning items that have been posted on apartment building lobby boards to their rightful owners. To facilitate the latter, players can now hand items to the citizens in the voxel city. Additionally, players can accuse citizens of murder, which may lead to different outcomes based on how the citizen responds.

The update also includes a new location called the Grand Hotel. This elegant building sits above many apartment buildings in the city and features a beautiful entrance, lobby with jukebox music, multiple bars, and a highrise balcony seating area. Players can rent rooms at the hotel, either for convenience during a case or as a retreat. It is likely that some of the infidelity cases will take place at the hotel.

If you are interested in the specific changes and updates, you can read the full patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

Rachel played Shadows Of Doubt upon its release and found it to be a challenging yet enjoyable experience.