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Soon You Can Play the Roguelike Four in Online Co Op

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The developers of The Binding of Isaac announced an update that finally brings proper online co-op to the roguelike classic. Previously, players could only play together via Steam Remote, with Player 2 then rather assisting. For owners of Repentance this will soon come to an end.–>

It has been twelve years since the original The Binding of Isaac appeared on Steam, having been developed as a Flash game by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. It was followed in 2014 by The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which also includes the current add-on content Repentance.

The Binding of Isaac: Soon you will be able to play together in online co-op

In The Binding of Isaac you’ll be a little boy who has fled from his mother because she wanted to kill him. You’ll fight your way through the underground, shooting tears to attack enemies as Isaac or another character. It is now one of the absolute classics of the roguelike genre. But there has not been a “real” co-op mode, although the game has been on Steam for twelve years.

Tyrone Rodriguez, executive producer of The Binding of Isaac, shared a screenshot on Twitter that shows aco-op menu. “Let’s play Isaac together online soon!” he writes.

The image shows a lobby that two players have joined, and two more could be invited. Each player, it looks like, can choose a character and participate in the playthrough as a full member. Previously, the potential teammate only ever acted as a small sidekick, sharing hearts with player 1 and having no special abilities. With reasonable online co-op, that could soon be over.