Square Enix announces Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix Announces Dawntrail Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV

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Square Enix has officially announced a new expansion for the popular MMORPG game, Final Fantasy 14, called Dawntrail. This expansion marks the beginning of a new story arc after the previous 10-year arc concluded with the Endwalker expansion.

Dawntrail will introduce exciting new elements to the game, including a fresh location in the land of Tural, located in the western part of Eorzea’s New World. The expansion’s theme revolves around a lighthearted storyline focused on “Summer Vacation.” Players will have the opportunity to explore a variety of new locations, such as the mountainous Urqopacha and the forest of Yak T’el.

Gameplay-wise, Dawntrail will bring two new DPS jobs, although Square Enix has not officially revealed their identities yet. Speculation suggests that one of the new jobs might be the swashbuckling Corsair. Additionally, the level cap will be raised from 90 to 100, allowing players to engage in numerous new dungeons, FATEs, hunts, and sidequests.

The game will also receive graphical enhancements for character models and the environment. Square Enix has teased some visual improvements, highlighting enhanced details in armor, facial features, and various elements of the game’s world.

For those who have not yet delved into the world of Final Fantasy 14, there is good news. The free trial has been expanded to include the Stormblood expansion, in addition to the base game, A Realm Reborn, and the first expansion, Heavensward. This means that players can access a wealth of content completely free, without needing to purchase the game or subscribe. The expanded free trial, including Stormblood, will launch alongside Patch 6.5 in October 2023.

Finally, Xbox gamers will soon be able to join the adventure. Final Fantasy 14 will hold an Open Beta on Xbox consoles when Patch 6.5 launches, followed by an official release on the platform in Spring 2024.