Starfield Quest Guide First to Fight, First to Die

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As an assistant to the Freestar Rangers in Starfield, your current mission will have you investigating a group called the First mercenaries, who are stealing land from farmers. By now, she will already have a dozen encrypted slates with information about the mercenaries, and in the mission “First to fight, first to die”, she will finally face them face to face.

This is an intense combat quest, so you’ll want to be prepared with some of the best weapons and armor before you leave Akila City. When you’re ready, here’s how to complete the Freestar Rangers mission “First to Fight, First to Die” in Starfield.

Guide to the mission “First to fight, first to die” in Starfield

If you haven’t yet unlocked the “First to Fight, First to Die” mission in Starfield, you will first need to complete the Freestar Rangers’ “On the Run” mission.

Once completed, return to The Rock in Akila City and attend the meeting with Emma and Daniel Blake. They will ask you about your progress so far and your answers won’t matter too much.

Alex Shadid will appear during the meeting, having finally deciphered the encrypted slates we gave him, which point to the First’s mercenary headquarters being in a mech factory. So, head to the planet Arcturus II.

Once in Arcturus II space, confront the mercenary patrol ships. | Image credit: Bethesda

In the space of Arcturus II, you will have to fight against multiple waves of Mercenary Patrol ships. Once done, land at the factory and approach it. Surprisingly, the mercenaries will let him in.

Now, we want to essentially run through this factory towards our quest marker as best we can. I do not recommend that you face all the mercenaries that you see along the way, since we must save our ammo and health resources for when we reach Paxton Hull in the factory.

Brute force your way through the building to finally reach the Command Center. Here, you will have to kill all the mercenaries in the area, including Paxton Hull. Your quest markers will tell you any NPCs you may have missed.

Paxton Hull will reveal why the First’s mercenaries have been attacking farmers. | Image credit: Bethesda

Once you’ve taken care of all of them, you can go talk to Paxton Hull and ask him exactly why First mercenaries have been stealing land from farmers. He will reveal to you the unexpected, and that is that Ron Hope actually hatched a plan with the First Ones to take over the lands. Oh oh.

She will also reveal that she refuses to accompany him alive. So she has no choice but to kill him.

This will conclude the mission “First to Fight, First to Die.” So, now it’s time to start ‘The Hammer Falls’ and reunite with Ron Hope.