Starfield: The Hammer Falls Quest Walkthrough
Starfield: The Hammer Falls Quest Walkthrough

Starfield: The Hammer Falls Quest Walkthrough

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If you’re looking for guidance on completing the quest “The Hammer Falls” in the game Starfield, you’re in the right place. This quest seems to have multiple objectives and possible outcomes, and various sources have provided detailed walkthroughs to help you navigate it effectively.

His time as an assistant to the Freestar Rangers in Starfield has almost come to an end. His mission to find out where the first mercenaries were and what exactly their intentions were will have eventually led him to Paxton Hull. He may have gotten the answers he needed, but they probably weren’t the ones he expected.

The Hammer Falls mission will have you tying up loose ends with the Freestar Rangers in Starfield, and you’ll finally be able to confront Ron Hope for his activities. So get to work. Here’s how to complete the Freestar Rangers mission “The Hammer Falls” in Starfield.

Guide to the Mission “The Hammer’s Fall” in Starfield

Start the quest ‘The Hammer Falls’ by recovering the elevator exit key from Paxton Hull’s corpse. Then, follow your quest marker to the elevator and exit the factory.

Once outside the factory and aboard your ship, head to HopeTown. Enter HopeTech and head to the warehouse to talk to Ron Hope, who is having another stern conversation with Birgit.

Ron. Is everyone in the Settled Systems corrupt? | Image credit: Bethesda
Ron. Is everyone in the Settled Systems corrupt? | Image credit: Bethesda

Inform him of your findings and confront him about his involvement with the First’s mercenaries. He will reveal to you that he did it to get mineral-rich land so HopeTech could make more money, and that he did not foresee that the First Ones’ mercenaries would steal land; he had told them to buy them.

In the end you will have to make a decision. He can free Ron Hope, as long as he does not work with the First’s mercenaries again, accept his bribe of 20,000 credits, or he can kill him.

  • If you let Ron Hope free – You’ll have to lie to Marshal Blake about Ron Hope, and he’ll get his way. Companions will approve of the lack of bloodshed.
  • If you accept the bribe – You will still have to lie to Marshal Blake about Ron Hope, but you will be 20,000 credits richer. Or 50,000, if he is able to negotiate successfully.
  • If you kill Ron Hope – You will have to kill him and his guards, which can be tough. He will have to talk to Birgit after the fight, and then he can tell Marshal Blake the truth.

The three options do not change how the Freestar Rangers questline concludes. You may have to lie to Marshal Blake about Ron Hope if he chooses either of the above two options, but other than that, the rest of the quest will play out the same. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you choose!

Go and get your promotion! | Image credit: Bethesda
Go and get your promotion! | Image credit: Bethesda

After wrapping things up with Ron Hope, it’s time to return to Marshal Blake in Akila City and update him on your progress. Overall, he and Emma will be very impressed with the work you’ve done, and will finally promote you to a full-fledged Freestar Ranger.

A new ship? I don't mind. | Image credit: Bethesda
A new ship? I don’t mind. | Image credit: Bethesda

You will receive a Freestar Ranger Badge and the Star Eagle ship to travel with. In my opinion, a worthwhile reward!

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In summary, to successfully complete The Hammer Falls quest in Starfield, you can consult these resources, each providing its own insights and guidance. Use these walkthroughs and guides to make informed choices and enjoy your quest in the vast universe of Starfield.