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Stray Chapter 12: What to Do in the Control Room

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Control Room is the twelfth and final chapter of Stray. If you’ve made it this far, well done. This short but sweet chapter brings an end to the entire Stray story, and my only advice (aside from this guide itself) is to appreciate it!

After passing through Midtown and the Neco Corp factory, you will have finally turned on the subway and been able to reach the Control Room. Once again, the atmosphere changes when you get here. B-12 collects the last memory of him and there are only a few things left to do.

But what exactly do you have to do once in the Control Room? Below we have prepared a brief tour – as spoiler-free as possible – of the Stray Control Room.

Stray Chapter 12: Control Room Tour

This chapter begins with a subway ride. Once you reach your destination, exit the subway to the left and go up the escalators, then also go up the next set of escalators.

Personally, I think taking the escalator over the handrail is the only correct way to do it, but that’s up to you.

If you talk to the cleaning robot in front of the orange doors on your left, here marked “CITY SEALED”, he will tell you to go to the Control Room. The entrance to the room is just up the small stairs that lead to the orange door.

These cleaning robots are a little creepy. A door? No problem for this cat.

Of course, he still can’t directly enter the Control Room. In front of the Control Room entrance is one of the moving boxes that you’ll be familiar with from Midtown. Power on the box and place it under the control panel to the left of the door.

Now, go to the lock to the right of the door and activate it. Quickly jump on top of the moving box and start clawing at the wires here. Once broken, the door will open.

The box is the same as the ones you may have used in Midtown. Once up, let’s scratch!

As you progress through the Control Room, there will be a cutscene: this is one of B-12’s memories, and the final central memory in Stray.

Once the cutscene ends, explore the Control Room at your leisure first. The view from here is spectacular, so I recommend you enjoy it for a moment.

When you’re ready, head to the main computer at the back of the room, where a short scene with B-12 will trigger. Then it will become clear that it is necessary to turn on all the computers.

Your efforts in the Control Room begin with this computer.

Turn around and jump over the surfaces filled with computers and keyboards. You’ll need to strategically step over all the keyboards here to get all the computers to power on, but be careful not to step over them again. This will turn them off again.

We’re back where we started, racing through the keyboards!

With the computers on and following the cutscene, head to the large computer tower to the right of the large window (with a view). Interact with this large computer and scratch its cables. Once this is done, have B-12 hack the machine – you will need to perform both actions for all three machines.

This machine is located to the right of the window and the roof checkpoint.

Then go back to the main computer from before. Another machine is on the left. Climb to the surface to the right of the machine and knock down the panel. Another panel will appear for you to scratch and break, and B-12 can hack it.

First you have to knock down the metal panel next to the computer. Once the panel is revealed, you know what to do.

The third and final computer you must break is to the right of the control panel. Jump up, interact with the computer, claw at the cables, and hack the computer once again.

Jump on top of this computer to reveal the panel.

Finally, pick up B-12 and take him to the now unlocked blue panel in front of the window: the roof checkpoint. It’s very similar to the panel from Los Pisos, which you used to power it. Drop it on the panel and another scene will play.

The panel is yellow in this screenshot as I wanted to avoid spoilers. You’ll know the panel is ready when it turns blue.

There’s a bit more to this chapter, but it doesn’t require anything more than a bit of walking. So, to avoid major spoilers, I’ll leave it there. Enjoy it.

That’s it for the Control Room and Stray, but it’s not all there is to it. If you haven’t already, take your time to go back and collect all the Morusque scores and all the Stray badges.