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Team17 Faces Significant Layoffs

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Unfortunately, 2023 has been a year marked by widespread layoffs in the gaming industry. Recently, companies like Creative Assembly and Epic Games have faced significant job cuts. Now, another company finds itself in the same situation.

According to a report by Eurogamer, Team17, the developer behind the popular Worms series, held an emergency townhall meeting to announce that nearly 50 employees will be laid off as part of an internal restructuring program.

The majority of the layoffs will affect Team17’s internal quality assurance team, particularly junior staff members. Instead of handling quality assurance internally, the company has decided to outsource this work.

Team17 confirmed that they have entered into a consultation period, which is expected to conclude in November. This process will determine the full extent of the company’s restructuring plans and the resulting layoffs.

In addition to the layoffs, Team17’s CEO, Michael Pattison, has departed from the company in what is said to be an amicable separation.