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That’s Why My Game Nights Are Always a Disaster.

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Everyone stop.

I have the best ideas.

Let’s have a game night.

I know I know. He has tried hosting game nights in the past. I know that his difficulties have reached the point of a nervous breakdown. But listen to me: this time it’s going to be different. It’s tonight!

You don’t even need to do anything. I created an overly complicated email thread where we all realize we’re adults and can’t put in twelve hours. It would be great; I’ll force everyone to do this at a time that’s most convenient for me anyway.


Looking at our calendar, I’m scheduling our game night for Tuesday at 4am. I thought it would be better to do it at home since that’s where I live. Don’t worry, I’m attaching a photocopy of an old MapQuest route to my house. It’s like an adventure!

Feel free to bring any game you want; I am more than happy to judge everything and reject anything. Are there no taiko masters? I don’t know, I’m a little tired of music games. Overcooked? haha of course. Yes, we can play with this if you want.

Hello! Thanks for coming! Everyone canceled except you and another friend of mine who took the game more seriously than his personal life. You like other players telling you what to do, right? That’s okay because he’s your man. Prepare for mid-game when he yells at you that the team needs a healer, because he apparently can’t do anything except sniping.

Shall we have fun now? have fun. I say have fun.

Everyone in the email said they wanted beer and snacks, so I made sure to go out and get two beers and a carrot. You can dip it in the salad dressing I put in soup bowls. I find that all snacks and drinks are best served at room temperature, so I make sure to serve them at the table as a film will form on the sauce.

What do we want to play? Let’s go ahead and eliminate every game idea you have because it’s yours and not mine. Super Smash Bros Ultimate? This is not melee! destination? It requires a lot of effort; It just doesn’t feel that way right now. Fifa? Bring a book! You might as well guess what’s in my pocket, because everything I do is good.

Hmm… I think it’s better if we play the only game I’ve decided to play. Everyone carries a controller. I didn’t charge them, so make sure you sit about a meter away from the TV so you can plug it into a USB port. You won’t be able to see anything, but at least you’ll be uncomfortable.

Hey, wait, can you actually log in to my other account? I want to achieve everything you have achieved. Here’s my console, and I’m an adult, but I live in a world where fantasy points are better than anything people enjoy.

Wow! I can say that we really love this game! Everyone cooperated very well and the game went smoothly! We have reached our rhythm and we can continue like this all night. So I think it’s time to kick things up a notch and release a single player game, which I assume you’ll want to check out!

Look at these graphs. cool, right? They changed the controls in the remake, so it’s better now. I’m going to keep playing until I reach the save point. We’ll change it when it finds a save location. I mean, I could have saved it there, but you have to watch this boss fight, it’s a game you’re happy to explore for yourself. You can take time out of your schedule to have a social experience, but for me, anything that involves me is a social experience for everyone else!

Alright, the game has been saved! Do you want to play when I look at you? It’s the middle of the game, so you won’t know what you’re doing, but I’m sure you’ll get pretty irritated with each choice. I mean, I’ve played this game many times, so you might need help. No, not that door. Just… well, let me play for a while!

Passive aggressive friendships will kill you faster than throat bites.

I! Quite fun! Sorry for going another hour. You deserve this game. Then all the spoilers I gave you will make sense! Wait, I have to take a screenshot of this moment. It will work very well on social networks.

Speaking of social media, did I show you my favorite streamers? No no no, this one is different. I know you don’t want to watch a video of some rich stranger fifteen years younger than you playing a game while you yourself are here to play it, but it’s a lot of fun and this video is only forty minutes long and has a second part. Feel the anxiety flowing through you as I look into your face and see if you have ever smiled at something so dear to my heart.

Where did we just say that? multiplayer game! Yeah! I have a surprise: Mario Party. perfect choice. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. It’s going to be a lot of fun, especially when I fail a minigame and look at my JoyCon like it’s a hardware failure. The worse I do, the more I try to drag everyone else down, complain that the rules are weird, it’s not even fun, and I end up wanting to play something else before the game is over.

ah look at the time. We better wrap it up. Thank you very much for bringing 30 kg of equipment and a board game that we never had access to. I’m glad I told you to do it and you did it because you were expecting something “fun.”

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