The 55 best Starfield mods

The 55 Best Starfield Mods

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What are the best Starfield mods? Mod support is an important part of many PC games, especially RPG games. Skyrim has remained popular over the years due to its great gameplay and vibrant modding community. Now, with the release of Starfield, mod support is available from the beginning. Here are some of the best Starfield mods that you can try.

If you only download one mod from this list, make it StarUI. Starfield’s menu system has some issues, but StarUI makes it more intuitive and efficient. It compresses lists and allows you to navigate with ease using your keyboard. Another useful mod is Starfield Upscaler, which enhances the game’s graphics using Nvidia and Intel upscaling technology. These are just a few examples, so keep reading to explore all the amazing mods available for Starfield.


If you are going to download one mod, let it be StarUI. This mod improves Starfield’s menu system, making it more compact and user-friendly. It allows you to see more information at a glance and navigate through menus with ease using your keyboard. It’s a must-have mod for anyone playing Starfield.

Starfield Upscaler

Starfield Upscaler is a highly requested mod that replaces AMD’s upscaling technology with Intel and Nvidia’s upscaling technology, depending on your GPU. This mod improves the game’s graphics, providing better performance and superior anti-aliasing. If you have an RTX GPU from Nvidia or one of Intel’s Arc graphics cards, this mod is highly recommended.

FOV Changer

The lack of field-of-view settings in the PC port of Starfield has been a major complaint among players. The FOV Changer mod allows you to customize the field of view for both first-person and third-person perspectives, giving you more control over your viewing experience. This is especially useful if you prefer a wider or more zoomed-out perspective.

Skip Launch Video

The Skip Launch Video mod saves you time by skipping the introductory video when launching Starfield. Instead of sitting through the video every time you start the game, this mod instantly skips it after a black frame. It’s a small mod but can save you a lot of time over the course of your playthrough.

Dualsense PS5 Icons

If you’re playing Starfield on PC using a Dualsense PS5 controller, the Dualsense PS5 Icons mod allows you to use Dualsense icons instead of Xbox prompts in the game. This mod ensures that you have a seamless gaming experience, even if you prefer using a PS5 controller.

Achievement Enabler

The Achievement Enabler mod allows you to unlock achievements in Starfield even when using mods or cheats. Normally, using mods or cheats disables achievements, but this mod bypasses that restriction. It’s a great mod for players who want to enjoy the game with mods while still earning achievements.

120fps Smooth UI

The 120fps Smooth UI mod improves the menu performance in Starfield, especially for players with high refresh rate monitors. It removes the 30fps cap on menu animations, making every menu in the game feel smoother and more responsive. This mod enhances the overall user experience and complements the game’s support for high refresh rates.

Less Spongy Enemies

The Less Spongy Enemies mod reduces the health bonuses of enemies in Starfield, making combat encounters more balanced and challenging. With this mod, enemies will have less health, reducing the “bullet sponge” effect commonly found in RPG games. This mod provides a more enjoyable combat experience and makes battles feel more realistic.

Enhanced Player Health Bar

The Enhanced Player Health Bar mod improves the readability of the health bar during combat. It color-codes the health bar to indicate the player’s health status, making it easier to know when to use a medkit. This mod enhances the user interface and adds visual clarity to the game’s combat mechanics.

Responsive Grabbing

The Responsive Grabbing mod improves the grabbing mechanic in Starfield, reducing the delay when picking up items. It makes the item pickup process more responsive and streamlined, similar to previous Bethesda games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls. This mod saves you time and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks

The Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks mod fixes various issues related to building custom ships in Starfield. It removes restrictions and makes the ship-building process smoother and more enjoyable. With this mod, you can fully unleash your creativity and build the ship of your dreams without unnecessary limitations.

Visible Skill Descriptions

The Visible Skill Descriptions mod removes the requirement to spend skill points before being able to view skill descriptions in Starfield. It allows you to plan your character build more effectively by providing immediate access to all skill descriptions. This mod streamlines the skill progression system and saves you time spent on unnecessary skill point allocation.

Dark Mode for Terminals

The Dark Mode for Terminals mod adds a dark mode option to the in-game terminals in Starfield. It makes reading and using the terminals more comfortable, especially in low-light environments. With this mod, you can enhance the immersion and aesthetics of your gameplay experience.

Native HDR and Color Banding Fix

The Native HDR and Color Banding Fix mod improves the HDR support in Starfield, addressing issues with color banding and enhancing the overall visual quality. Although this mod requires some initial setup, the end result is worth it for players with high-end televisions and monitors supporting HDR technology.

Photo Mode Tweaks

The Photo Mode Tweaks mod enhances the photo mode in Starfield, providing additional customization options and features. With this mod, you have more control over the field of view, camera range, and character visibility in photos. It’s a great mod for players who enjoy capturing beautiful screenshots in the game.

Ship Skip – Instant Station Docking

The Ship Skip mod removes the cutscenes of your ship docking and undocking from stations in Starfield, saving you time during gameplay. Instead of waiting for the animation to complete, you can instantly fly away or land without any delays. This mod is great for players who prefer a faster-paced experience and want to skip repetitive cutscenes.

Realistic Water

The Realistic Water mod improves the water textures in Starfield, enhancing the visual quality and creating more realistic wave patterns. This mod adds realism to the game’s water bodies and provides a more immersive experience for players. The modding team responsible for realistic water mods in Skyrim and Fallout 4 has worked on this mod to ensure high-quality visuals.

Icon Sorting Tags

The Icon Sorting Tags mod improves item filtering in Starfield by adding clear icons and labels to different item categories. It makes it easier to identify and sort items in your inventory, saving you time and effort. This mod enhances the usability and organization of the game’s inventory system.

Richer Merchants

The Richer Merchants mod increases the amount of credits available to merchants in Starfield, allowing you to sell your items more conveniently. It eliminates the frustration of finding merchants with insufficient credits and ensures a smoother trading experience. With this mod, you can easily sell your items and manage your inventory more efficiently.

All The Materials

The All The Materials mod provides players with all the materials needed to complete research lab projects, weapon modifications, and suit modifications in Starfield. It saves you from the hassle of searching for specific materials and allows you to focus on crafting and upgrading your equipment.

Easy Digipick (Lockpick)

The Easy Digipick mod allows you to skip the lockpicking minigame when opening locked safes in Starfield. It simplifies the process of unlocking safes, particularly useful when you’re in the middle of intense moments and don’t want to be interrupted by minigames. Note that you still need to unlock the digipicking skills to access harder locks.

Easy Speech

The Easy Speech mod ensures 100% success for all speech checks in Starfield, removing the element of chance from persuasion encounters. It allows you to effectively pass all speech checks and ensures that dialogue interactions proceed smoothly. This mod is great for players who want to focus on the narrative aspects of the game without the frustration of failed persuasion attempts.

Instant Scan

The Instant Scan mod reduces the scanning time in Starfield, allowing you to quickly survey and analyze objects and environments. It eliminates the minor delay in scanning animations, making exploration and surveying more efficient. This mod saves you time and enhances the gameplay flow.

Lazy Cheats (Credits, Digipicks, XP)

The Lazy Cheats mod simplifies the process of acquiring credits, digipicks, and experience points in Starfield by shortening the console commands. It makes console cheating more accessible and convenient, allowing you to quickly obtain in-game resources. This mod is great for players who want to experiment with different playstyles or have fun with unlimited resources.

Real Flashlight

The Real Flashlight mod improves the flashlight in Starfield by removing banding artifacts and enhancing the illumination effect. It creates a more realistic and immersive flashlight experience in dark environments. This mod enhances the visual quality and realism of the game’s lighting effects.

Burden Me Not – Clutter Begone

The Burden Me Not mod highlights clutter items in Starfield, making them more visible and distinguishable from other objects. It allows you to easily identify and manage clutter, reducing the frustration of carrying unnecessary items. Additionally, the mod provides an option to remove all clutter from the game, giving you a clutter-free gameplay experience.

Undelayed Menus

The Undelayed Menus mod improves the responsiveness and efficiency of menus in Starfield. It removes long fading effects and reduces the time it takes for menus to open and close, creating a smoother and swifter menu navigation experience. This mod also ensures that in-game menus run at a seamless 60 FPS, enhancing the overall user interface performance.

Ultra-Anim – Faster Interaction Animations

The Ultra-Anim mod adjusts the speed of various ship-related animations in Starfield, allowing you to save time during gameplay. It reduces the duration of animations such as airlocks, workbenches, ladders, and sitting in the pilot seat. This mod provides a more streamlined and efficient gameplay experience, especially for tasks that require frequent interaction.


The Cleanfield mod aims to improve the user experience in Starfield by removing certain elements that can interrupt the immersion. It removes the epilepsy and seizure warning, Bethesda logo video, message of the day, and Starfield logo. This mod allows you to focus on the gameplay without unnecessary interruptions.

Craftable Ammo and Utilities

The Craftable Ammo and Utilities mod adds new craftable items to Starfield, giving your character more options for ammo and utility creation. It expands the depth of the crafting system and allows you to tailor your gameplay experience based on your specific needs. This mod enhances the role-playing aspect of the game.

The Eyes of Beauty

The Eyes of Beauty mod