The Crew Motorfest is Now Available, Play for Free for 5 Hours

The Crew Motorfest is Now Available, Play for Free for 5 Hours

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The Crew Motorfest, an open-world racing game developed by Ubisoft Ivory Tower, has been released in the digital Hawaiian wild. This game, often compared to the popular Forza Horizon series, takes the open-world concept in the racing genre to new heights by incorporating sea and air elements. The result is a truly immersive experience set in a vibrant world full of opportunities.

In The Crew Motorfest, players can explore the Hawaiian island of O’ahu and participate in Motorfest, a festival designed for car enthusiasts. The game offers 15 thematic campaigns called Playlists, each with its own unique atmosphere, music, objectives, gameplay, and rewards. These Playlists allow players to fully immerse themselves in various car culture universes, such as underground street racing, American Muscle cars, off-road racing, open-wheel racing, drift, and more. There are even Playlists dedicated to electric supercars and vintage classics. The game also features collaborations with prominent figures in the car-loving scene, including professional drivers, tuners, and content creators. The Crew Motorfest offers a wide range of experiences, and new Playlists and content will be added regularly. The first season, starting on September 14, focuses on iconic cars from different regions of the world, and the second season, starting in December, will feature the renowned brand Hoonigan and their special project vehicles.

The exciting news is that The Crew Motorfest can be played for free for five hours on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC until 6pm, September 18 AEST. Any progress made during the free trial will carry over if players decide to purchase the game. Additionally, players who purchase the game during the free trial period will receive the Early Adopter offer, which includes the Liberty Walk Pack featuring the Toyota GR Supra 2021 LBWK Edition.

Based on my experience playing the game prior to its release (which is why there are no reviews available yet), I can confidently say that Motorfest offers a thrilling off-road experience, allowing players to explore and create their own paths. The game is packed with exciting events, challenges, and hidden surprises, all presented in stunning visuals. It is an absolute joy to play.

The Crew Motorfest is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.