Starfield a player shows how to create a domino sequence with in-game sandwiches

The Genius Behind a Remarkable Domino Sandwich Line in Starfield is Exposed

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Starfield has truly pushed the boundaries of creativity for players worldwide. Whether it’s constructing unique and sometimes absurd spaceships, creating stunning beachfront outposts with unexpected features, or utilizing mods to enhance character customization, the game has captivated players in numerous ways. However, sometimes it’s the simpler things that can bring a great sense of accomplishment to an individual. One player in the Starfield community, known as ‘Muaxh03’ on Reddit, recently shared an intriguing example of this on the platform.

Muaxh03 presented a unique experiment that explores the game’s physics in a fascinating manner. In what appears to be the basement of The Lodge at New Atlantis on Jemison, the player set up an elaborate domino line comprised of sandwiches, one of the many consumable food items in the game. The line stretches from the basement all the way up the stairs to a collection of books and board games in the starting position.

Starfield a player shows how to create a domino sequence with in-game sandwiches
Image Source: Muaxh03 via Reddit

With a gentle push, the sequence commences as the books and other objects gracefully tumble down the steps, followed by a soccer ball (a relic from Earth) that rolls straight into the next section, where the sandwich line begins. Miraculously, the sandwiches cascade forward in perfect harmony, forming a massive circular shape at the bottom. The amount of time and effort required to set up this intricate domino line, and the flawless execution of its collapse, undoubtedly marks it as an extraordinary accomplishment within the game’s community.

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the title of the Reddit thread, Muaxh03 also encountered an individual who attempted to claim credit for the creation by uploading it as their own. To rectify this, Muaxh03 re-uploaded the video himself, complete with a watermark. After multiple reports were filed to have the imposter’s duplicate removed, it was eventually taken down. The identity of the impostor remains unknown, and it is important to emphasize that such behavior is not condoned. Instead, players are encouraged to come up with their own unique and even more impressive domino setups. After all, Starfield offers an abundance of items to creatively hoard.

In the end, we can only hope that Muaxh03 enjoyed the delicious sandwiches after successfully accomplishing this remarkable feat.