The music doesn’t stop with Samba de Amigo as October’s content release details are revealed for Party Central

The Music Continues with Samba De Amigo as Party Central Unveils October’s Content Release Details

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Samba de Amigo Party Central added new songs with the K-Pop and Sega Pack and revealed the game’s October release plans for the joy-con shaking title.

Following the pattern of one SEGA related pack and one genre pack, October will feature Persona’s Phantom Thieves with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts pack and the Joker & Morgana Costume and Accessories Pack. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts Pack includes 3 songs: Colors Flying High, Life Will Change, and Rivers In the Desert. The Costume and Accessories pack offers a Joker (Persona 5) costume and accessory, as well as a Morgana icon.

The second music pack for October will be the Virtual Singer Music Pack, and based on my knowledge of the game’s tracklist, I am not familiar with any of the artists or songs in this pack. However, you might recognize The Vampire, phony, and Good-bye declaration.

The music packs are likely to cost $4.99, and one can assume that the cosmetics packs will be priced lower. The specific release dates of the packs are unknown, but if we follow the pattern set by the September releases, they will likely be available towards the end of the month.

Samba de Amigo: Party Central is currently exclusive to the Switch, but Samba also rocks the party on Meta’s Oculus platform and Apple’s Apple Arcade.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts Music Pack

  • “Colors Flying High”
  • “Life Will Change”
  • “Rivers In the Desert”

Joker & Morgana Costume and Accessories Pack

  • Includes a Joker (Persona 5) costume and accessory for Amigo, along with a Morgana icon

Virtual Singer Music Pack

  • “The Vampire”
  • “phony”
  • “Good-bye declaration”