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The “shiratsuki Theory” Unofficial Database of “smash Bros. Sp” is a Hot Topic. Feature Character Range and Compatibility with “non Subjective” Data Collected by Machine Learning

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SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE(hereafter referred to as Smash Bros. SP) unofficial database site “Shiratsuki Theory” seems to be a hot topic. It seems that character data created from the overwhelming amount of information that continues to accumulate will serve as a reference for players. Twitter user Xendam, who studies “Smash Bros. SP,” has posted a topic.

The “Shiratsuki Theory” menu is roughly divided into “character introduction”, “character/popularity rating/user list”, “character rating” and “character popularity rating”. The content names are simple, but each is profound. In “character introduction”, when you select each character, character introduction, character compatibility, frame and burst data, subcharacter compatibility, etc. are published.

“Character Rank/Popularity/User List”, “Character Rank” and “Character Popularity Rank” are somewhat similar, and the data and evaluation of offline/online tournament character ranks and character popularity ranks are listed. Interestingly, not only the most recent data is listed, but also past data. At the moment, even if you only look at the “character introduction” of the character you use, you will find an interesting set of data.

Image credit: Shiratsuki Theory / Nintendo

What is interesting is that this data is collected and constructed by AI/machine learning from data published on various sites. For example, character compatibility is extracted from data from the battle exchange service SumaMate and shown in the table. Also, with respect to the popularity and rank of characters, it is referenced both inside and outside the tournament, and the rank of each character is calculated from there. Regardless of what information is referenced, the sources and supporting data are listed. The data on this site is essentially free of subjectivity. In particular, character ranks are mostly created subjectively, so their persuasiveness will be completely different.

For Mr. Shiratsuki, the manager, “Smash Bros. SP” is the first “Smash Bros.” work he played. However, the “Smash Bros. ” series has a long history, and complex specifications can be seen everywhere, and character countermeasures take time. It seems that players who started with this work felt that they were at a disadvantage in terms of knowledge in serious battles. Therefore, the character introduction page was summarized in a compact form and devised so that the minimum necessary information could be obtained. It is also emphasized that the content is based on objective data.

Image credit: Shiratsuki Theory / Nintendo

On the other hand, Shiratsuki emphasized that the accuracy of this data is not necessarily correct. First of all, all the data on the site depends on the reference source itself, and the results change depending on the criteria used to draw conclusions from it. It is not a number derived from official game data, so it is only unofficial information. Mr. Shiratsuki clearly states such a note on the site.

If you check it out after understanding such precautions, it can be said to be quite an interesting site for “Smash Bros. SP” players. Mr. Shiratsuki started collecting data in early 2021 and the site itself seems to have been launched in May. Some users already read it, but Mr. Xendam’s tweet seems to have started to be read by a wider range of users. Regarding “Smash Bros. SP,” the research community is deep and several users have contributed data. It can be said to be one of the examples that makes you feel the depth of “Smash Bros. SP” and the thickness of such a community.

I used the header image of “September 2021 Online Tournament Character Rankings for September 2021” posted on Shiratsuki Theory, but it was misleading about the content of the article and the accuracy of the Shiratsuki Theory site. Replace.

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