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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Back home, in hell

Concern: “I’m sure it’s just a Dead by Daylight clone with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre skin.”

Die Killer: Leatherface ist das Monster der Familie. Seine Kettens The Killers: Leatherface is the monster of the family. His chainsaw is absolutely deadly and can destroy obstacles.

My character is hanging upside down in a cellar. Next to him is another victim. We shake our bonds until we fall to the floor. But what now? The cellar is a maze of doors, alleys, workshops, scrap metal and meat. Then a sge sounds and this familiar sound triggers both fear and excitement in me. But actually more fear, because this is not a movie this time. Shit, Leatherface is really standing in front of me! What am I doing, what am I doing? My body is dishing out whatever fluids it can find. Run, run, run! I don’t care that my character has no more stamina for it. Then just keep limping along! Nothing leads anywhere! I swear, I’ve never gotten lost so often in 20 square meters.

Another victim managed to open the cellar door. Leatherface lets go of me. I hide, but it takes time. I run upstairs, only to find out that this is not the exit yet. Now I still have to cross the entire house of the Sawyer family, the next labyrinth. Up to the second floor or across? I have to survive, think and escape, all at the same time. But the ordeal doesn’t drag on too long, as the cook chases me back outside. Straight into the arms of the knife-wielding hitchhiker. Slit, out, over. My hammering heart pump applauds this madness between fan service and survival gameplay.

Jeder der vier Ausg Each of the four outputs is linked to different conditions. For this must be properly inserted a fuse and properly set the power box.

Summer, pampas, slaughterhouse – to understand The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you don’t have to know the franchise. But then it’s all the better. With great attention to detail, developer Sumo Digital has recreated the individual rooms and settings from the movies and transformed them into three exciting and quite varied maps. Whether it’s a slaughterhouse, a house or a gas station, just being here is enough to scare you. Everything raises questions, everything entangles. Finally, the killers, their models and their spells are what activate and complete this scene. It is a pleasure that the developer uses the license and does not waste it. This goes from the documentary intro to Leatherface’s song dance at sunrise.

Discovery: “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre offers its own unique, atmosphric experience.”