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Themes in the Professional Tournament “Smash Bros. SP” “There is No Excessive Character Growth.” Game Balance with Possibilities for Multiple Characters.

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The other day the new fighter Sora was delivered in “Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros SP). Competitions are also popular in the same job, but it seems that some of the top players in offline competitions have become a hot topic since “there is no excessive character growth.”

Of particular interest is the result of the large-scale unofficial offline tournament “Bonfire #5”. More than 500 people participated in the contest. In a double-elimination tournament format, the battle was fought over two days, October 30 and 31, with Mr. Zaclay winning the championship. Mr. Zaclay chose Sora, who had just been released, instead of the familiar robot and the Joker, and believed in his character’s love and won the championship, which was a very dramatic development. The interesting thing, however, is that the characters at the top of the tournament are scattered.

Specifically, Mr. Zaclay uses Sora, and Mr. Shooton, the runner-up, has both Pikmin and Olimar and Homura/Hikari. Mr. Kome in third place uses Shulk, Mr. Atrie in fourth place uses Pokemon Trainer, Mr. Protovanam in fifth place uses Minmin and Lucina, and Mr. Yoshidora in fifth place uses Yoshi. Even if you look down, there is almost no combat cover. Mr. Rea has Mr. Zaclay and Sora, Mr. Toura has Mr. Yaura and Samus, and Mr. Sigma and Mr. Manzoku have Toonlink. Despite some overlap, it’s quite interesting that most of the top 32 chose different wrestlers.
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Added information about toon link coverage.

Likewise, in Port Priority 6, which ran from October 31 to November 1, the use of characters by higher ranks seems to be scattered. The winner, MkLeo, used Beret, and the runner-up, Mr. Sparg0, used Homura/Hikari. Tweek, third, uses Diddy. Mr. Lui$ in 5th place and Mr. Chag in 7th place are covered by Palutena, but only one character is covered up to 7th place. Even if you’re looking at #25, Gaogaen and Sephiroth are used by several people, but overall the selection of fighters is spread out.

There are already about 90 characters in this play. However, it should be noted that there is little character coverage so far. At least for “Smash Bros. SP”, it is clear in the current environment that there are no outstanding characters in offline competitions. I think there are individual opinions about the online environment, but looking at the most recent results of the unofficial Tamisma SP online tournament, the impression is that the character usage rate is scattered.

In other words, in today’s environment, “Smash Bros. SP” has a good balance of characters and you have a chance to win regardless of which character you use. Mr. Raito, who has been active as a professional in the series “Smash Bros. ” for a long time, also noted that the balance of this work is good as of April this year. Regarding balance, he commented that each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s true that DLC fighters are called “broken” right after each character is released, but that reputation will eventually fade. Such a flow also demonstrates the good balance of “Super Smash Bros. SP”.

In “Smash Bros. SP”, each character was actively adjusted at the beginning of its release, and fighters called strong characters were fixed. However, the strength disparity has been corrected with each update. In recent updates, most of the top-ranked characters in the tournament were left unchanged, and minor adjustments were made to fighters who didn’t get much chance to play.

Director Masahiro Sakurai and developer Bandai Namco Studios have teamed up since the previous game and made several adjustments to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. But not everything went well.After painstakingly adjusting the balance of each character, like strengthening and weakening Didi, Bayonetta, the latest DLC fighter, rose to the top. At EVO 2018, three of the top four players used Bayonetta, and while the game’s balance adjustments were questioned, the scene closed and moved on to Super Smash Bros. SP.

After more than 10 tweak updates since then, “Smash Bros. SP” has become a game where multiple fighters have a chance to win. As for Mr. Zaclay’s victory, there are many who think that it depends on Mr. Zaclay’s ability, not Sora’s performance. The basis of such voices seems to be not only Mr. Zaclay’s assessment, but also confidence in the balance of the current “Smash Bros. SP”. After going through several tweaks and glitches, the experience is still alive and well.

DLC production for “Smash Bros. SP” ended with Sora. In addition, on October 30, it seems that the online launch of the DLC production staff took place, and Mr. Sakurai said: “This will be the last time for many people.” I was talking. The reason Smash Bros. SP and Mr. Sakurai are still loved today is because they are well-tuned and handled like competitive games. I would like to applaud the efforts of not only Mr. Sakurai but also the coordination team of the development team. “Smash Bros. SP” has come to an end with the addition of new content, but fans’ love and passion for this work will never cease.