This fast 64GB kit of DDR4 RAM is down to £98

This Affordable 64GB Kit of DDR4 RAM is Now Priced at £98

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Although DDR5 RAM is the future, there are still numerous DDR4 systems in use for activities such as gaming and content creation. Fortunately, with the arrival of DDR5, the prices of DDR4 have significantly dropped, making high-capacity kits much more accessible. For example, this kit includes two 32GB modules of DDR4-3600 RAM from Viper, which is now available for £98 on Amazon. Just a few months ago, it was sold for over £130.

This kit is excellent for RAM-intensive tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, and scientific computing. It comes at a fraction of the cost of even the least expensive 64GB kit of DDR5, which is priced at around £150.

Moreover, this isn’t your average DDR4. DDR4-3600 is the fastest frequency available for AMD and Intel systems before experiencing diminishing returns. Although the CL18 latency is not the best, it is still quite good.

Patriot is a reputable manufacturer of DDR memory, and their Viper 4-Series offers a simple yet effective design with a red heatsink on top of the green circuit board. This would be a fitting addition for any early Christmas-themed PC builds (even though they don’t really exist), or for anyone who simply wants to install the RAM and not think about it again.

To put it simply, I couldn’t find a 64GB DDR4 kit cheaper than this one. The next closest option is a DDR4-3200 kit priced at £102. Therefore, I believe this is an amazing deal that you should seriously consider if you require this much RAM. However, for most gamers, it would be more practical to stick with a 16GB or 32GB kit and save money for a more significant upgrade in the future.