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This Makes Hope for a Good Season

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Rick & Morty return in October with the seventh season. The latest trailer promises the typical and chaotic action and introduces you to the new English voices.

On October 16, 2023, the seventh season Rick & Morty starts, at least if you are ready to watch it in the original English version. It’s available directly from Warner TV Comedy or from Vodafone Giga TV.

The series follows a sociopathic but brilliant scientist and his grandson on incredible and dangerous adventures across the universe.

Who is the new dubbing voice is still unknown

The new season will be the first without co-creator Justin Roiland, who is no longer with Warner Bros.

Roiland was the English voice of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, as well as for several other characters from the series. Who will replace the old speaker is not yet known by name, but with the latest trailer Warner Bros. gives us a little taste of what fans can expect.

This gives hope for a good season

The reactions in the comments via YouTube are mostly positive. Many are not only happy that the voices sound good and fit the characters, but also don’t sound that different from the old voices.

However, the German voices are not expected to change.

But what the trailer promises above all is the typical and chaotic action that you are used to from the last seasons. The creators of the series promise you one of the best seasons you’ve seen so far, in which Rick and Morty will be completely themselves.

For the fans, the trailer gives hope that this could be a good season despite the changes.

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