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Tips for Enhancing Fitness and Sharpness in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

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In EA Sports FC 24, the Career Mode has been made even more thrilling with the introduction of the Training Plans feature by EA Sports. While you can always acquire skilled players through transfer opportunities in this mode, building a formidable team requires improving the ratings and performances of your existing squad members. This is where concepts like fitness and sharpness play a crucial role. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to enhance the fitness and sharpness of your players in EA Sports FC 24.

Overview of Training Plans in EA Sports FC 24

Ea Sports Fc Sharpness Fitness

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Within the training plans of EA Sports FC 24, you can boost your players’ sharpness and fitness, which will increase their OVR rating in the Career Mode. These training plans are divided into various categories, each emphasizing different aspects of your players’ performance. Fitness is indicated by a thunder icon, while sharpness is represented by a diamond icon. The colors green, yellow, and red denote good, moderate, and poor status respectively. Your goal is to keep both indices in the green zone to maximize your players’ performance during matches. You can also modify these training plans on an individual basis based on each player’s performance in matches. Here are all the available training plans in EA Sports FC 24 and their impact on player fitness and sharpness.

  • All Out Energy: This training plan is focused solely on improving player fitness by enhancing their stamina. However, prolonged use of this plan will gradually decrease your players’ sharpness.
  • Energy-focused: Employ this training plan to prioritize fitness 70% and sharpness 30%. Your players will primarily increase their fitness and stamina during matches, but there will be a slight decline in their sharpness.
  • Balanced: This training plan evenly emphasizes both fitness and sharpness without altering the indices. If a player has green status in both categories, it is advisable to stick to the Balanced plan unless any changes are required.
  • Performance-focused: Opt for this training plan to allocate 70% focus on sharpness and 30% on fitness. Your players will predominantly enhance their sharpness and skills during matches, but their fitness may slightly decrease.
  • All Out Performance: Use this training plan to concentrate solely on sharpening player skills and expertise. However, extended use of this plan will gradually reduce your players’ fitness.

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Enhancing Fitness in EA Sports FC 24

To enhance fitness in EA Sports FC 24, select energy-based training plans for specific players. If a player’s fitness is moderate, it is recommended to assign them to an Energy-focused plan as it will have a minimal impact on their sharpness. However, if a player is significantly lacking in stamina, consider using the All-Out Energy plan. Once they have achieved the desired fitness level, remember to switch back to the Balanced or Performance-focused plan to recover any lost sharpness.

Improving Sharpness in EA Sports FC 24

The same advice provided in the fitness section applies to improving sharpness in EA Sports FC 24. If a player requires a slight boost in their skills, switch to the Performance-focused plan. For more intensive situations, switch to the All-Out Performance plan. Always remember to switch to other training plans once your objective is complete.

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