Video Groser Juwelenraub in Payday 3 so Kanns Gehen Wenn.jpg

Video: Big Jewel Heist in Payday 3: How it Can Work When the Servers Are Running

1 min

Payday 3 is not a bad game; the shooter can be fun if you are not stuck in matchmaking hell at launch. This is what the video shows. Tester Christian Schwarz takes you on a raid on a goldsmith store. He prepares everything for the moment when the masks are put on the robbers’ faces and the weapons are unpacked to pull off the big one.

In our PageSpy test of Payday 3, we subsequently devalued the co-op shooter by a whopping 20 points because the servers make smooth gameplay impossible. Yes, even in single-player mode, because Payday 3 incomprehensibly relies on an always-online minimum requirement there as well.

What are your experiences with Payday 3? Are you able to play or are you stuck in queues? Let us know in the comments!