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We Have a Brand-new Duke Nukem Game!

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The arrival of a new Duke Nukem game is both exciting and daunting. On one hand, it brings back memories of one of the most influential shooters of the 1990s. On the other hand, we’re still recovering from the disappointment of Duke Nukem Forever’s release. We’re not sure if we’re ready for the official return of the king just yet. But what if we could have something in between? What if there was a new first-person shooter that captures the essence of iconic games like Doom, Quake, Blood, and others? What if it felt like a spiritual remake of Duke Nukem 3D? Well, that’s exactly what The Last Exterminator is. It’s a high-energy, intense FPS that harkens back to classic Duke Nukem, and you can try it out for free on Steam right now.

It’s an incredible concept. You play as a tough and muscular pest controller who unexpectedly finds themselves in the midst of an alien infestation set on taking over Earth. The Last Exterminator pays homage to Duke Nukem 3D in every way, from its level design to its reminiscent vibes. If you miss the convenience stores lit up by fluorescent lights, the imposing LARD officers, and the peculiar art cinemas from Duke Nukem 3D, you’ll love exploring the beautifully crafted urban environment in The Last Exterminator.

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Get ready for big guns, lots of blood, and a meticulously detailed throwback city that screams 90s nostalgia. The Last Exterminator is still awaiting its official release date, but you can already try out a generous demo on Steam. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for more retro-flavored shooters, check out the blend of Doom and BioShock with a Lovecraftian twist.

And let’s not forget about the abundance of nostalgia found in the best old games or perhaps the best zombie games. If you yearn for the days of action-packed shooters drenched in blood and bullets like Duke Nukem, there’s plenty for you to dive into.