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Where To Get The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector

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In the game Starfield, players have a lot of freedom when it comes to designing and upgrading their ships. They can either upgrade existing ships or build their own unique ship from scratch.

To unlock the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector, players need to join the UC Vanguard. They can do this by going to the MAST district in New Atlantis and heading to the UC capital building above the tram station. Inside the building, players will find the Vanguard desk where they can talk to the recruiter and sign up.

Joining the UC Vanguard will initiate the first mission in the UC Vanguard questline called “Supra Et Ultra.” This questline will introduce players to the Vanguard and once completed, players will gain access to buying Vanguard gear, including the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector.

After unlocking the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector, players can buy it from a Ship Services Technician in any major city. They need to speak to the technician and select “I’d Like To View and Modify My Ships.” In the Ship Builder menu, players can select the “Add” option and navigate to the weapons tab. They will find the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector there and can purchase it.

The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector is a Class A weapon and can be equipped on any ship, even the weakest ones. It is a powerful and versatile weapon with a range of 3000. It deals equal damage to both shields and hull and has a decent fire rate. With two energy slots per gun, this weapon is effective against most enemy ships.