wizard with a gun

Explore the Surreal Environments of The Shatter in Wizard with a Gun

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wizard with a gun

In the game Wizard with a Gun, the world has been twisted by the forces of Chaos, resulting in a borked reality known as The Shatter. To survive, players must navigate through this strange realm. A new video called Gunmancer’s Diary offers a glimpse of The Shatter’s unique areas and the challenges that await. Take a look below.

Your adventure begins in The Imperium, the ruins of a once-powerful wizard empire. From there, you will venture into The Fell, an area infested with fungus. The Frozen Wastes, with its icy conditions, and The Barren Sea, a dried-up desert, are also part of The Shatter. Returning frequently to The Tower is essential, as it serves as a hub for storing items, conducting research, learning new spells, and more, all of which can make subsequent expeditions easier.

The release date for Wizard with a Gun is October 17th, available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, priced at $24.99. Pre-orders include The Noble Wizard Pack, featuring cosmetic items. If you’re interested in trying out the gameplay, a single-player focused demo is once again available on Steam.