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You Can Now Purchase a PC Shaped Like a Sneaker with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti

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Have you ever had the desire to have a large sneaker made of plastic and metal on your desk? Even if you said “no,” we’re sure you’re curious to learn about the Cooler Master Sneaker X. This eye-catching, pre-built computer was created by the JMDF modding group and is now available for purchase, three years after it won the Best Art Direction award at the 2020 Case Mod World Series.

This pre-built PC includes these mid-to-top-tier components:

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The slightly higher tier “Professional” machine is priced at $3,799, while the basic RTX 4070 version, known as “Enthusiast,” costs $3,499. This is more expensive than a typical pre-built computer with these specifications, but it’s to be expected due to the unconventional case design.

In Europe, customers can buy a Sneaker X with up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080, Core i9 13900K, and a massive 64GB RAM. However, this high-tier machine is not currently available to customers in the US.

After receiving a positive response at the Case Mode World Series, Cooler Master decided to make the Sneaker X available for general retail. It was unveiled to the public earlier this year at Computex. This computer, which can be purchased on the Cooler Master website, surprisingly has ample space, measuring 65cm x 30.5cm x 65cm. There is plenty of room to add additional components if you want to enhance this sneaker-themed build even further.

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