You Can Now Enjoy An Official Deliver Us The Moon Fortnite Map

You Can Now Enjoy an Official Deliver Us The Moon Fortnite Map

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Indie studio Keoken Interactive has taken an interesting step by creating an official Fortnite map based on its narrative adventure game Deliver Us The Moon.

The map is a Capture the Flag game where two teams, Outward and Homeward, compete to achieve different space exploration goals. The Outward team aims to leave Earth and find a new home in space, while the Homeward team believes that reclaiming Earth is more important.

To win, both teams must establish themselves as the victor by making 5 MPT (Microwave Power Transfer) connections. They need to do this while navigating the lunar surface and defeating members of the opposing team.

If you want to have a taste of Keoken’s map, you can watch a quick overview here:

This map was created to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Deliver Us The Moon, which is happening this month.

For those who are not familiar with Deliver Us The Moon, it is an adventure game with light puzzle elements. In the game, players explore the moon in an attempt to prevent Earth’s destruction due to dwindling resources.

After its initial release on PC in 2018 (with a reworked version in 2019), Deliver Us The Moon made its way to current-gen consoles in June of last year.

In our review, Robert N. Adams praised the game’s compelling story and engaging action and puzzles.

Keoken also released a sequel earlier this year called Deliver Us Mars, which takes place around ten years after the events of Deliver Us The Moon. This time, the exploration and puzzles are centered around Mars.

In his review of Deliver Us Mars, Robert commended the challenging puzzles, rich narrative, and entertaining exploration.

Whether Keoken will create a Fortnite map based on Deliver Us Mars is uncertain. However, it would certainly be exciting to battle enemies in a Capture the Flag game on the Red Planet.

For now, you can try out the Keoken Fortnite Deliver Us The Moon map using the island code 9681-1737-8706.