KFC The Recipe Run Zelda

Zelda Player Wins $10,000 Golden Chicken Thigh for KFC Speedrun

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KFC The Recipe Run Zelda
KFC Zelda “The Recipe Run” logo

One fortunate player has won a golden chicken thigh trophy valued at €11,000 (approximately $10,000) for achieving first place in the KFC “Recipe Run”.

Kentucky Fried Chicken challenged players to interact with a Goron named Gomo, who bears a striking resemblance to Colonel Sanders ( lovingly nicknamed “The Goronel” by KFC).

Gomo Zelda

Players then had to gather 11 herbs and spices in the wilderness, along with a raw drumstick. After cooking up some delectable chicken, the run was considered complete!

French speedrunner Keuss claimed first place by finishing The Recipe Run in just 1:07.800 after conversing with Gomo.

You can watch the world record run here.

The Spanish branch of KFC is well-known online for their expertise in memes and their penchant for eccentricity. Therefore, a Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom speedrun seems quite fitting for them.